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Guns/Weapons Offences

Guns and weapons offences are dealt with severely under the Criminal Code. More and more firearms charges are subject to mandatory minimum sentences of imprisonment. Aside from the serious implications of a conviction for a gun offence, the Code provisions are technical and often, obscure.  

We also assist otherwise law-abiding gun owners who find themselves the subject of firearms charges or public safety warrant issues. Firearms owners in Canada are faced with a complex system of legislation, regulation and policy. Laws passed by successive governments have created a legal minefield for hunters, target shooters and collectors.

There are many reasons why otherwise law-abiding firearms owners may need to consult with or retain criminal counsel. All it takes is one phone call from an estranged spouse or a public safety complaint from a disgruntled colleague and the full weight of the criminal justice system can come bearing down an individual.

Solomon Friedman, the managing partner of Edelson & Friedman LLP, maintains FirearmsLaw.ca , a legal information site dedicated to Canadian firearms law and policy. He writes and speaks often on topics related to guns and weapons offences. He is also the co-author of the Annotated Firearms Act & Related Legislation, published by LexisNexis.