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PRESS RELEASE - Statement on behalf of the Woods family


There is no question that the events of September 11, 2011, and their aftermath, have been deeply distressing for all those involved.  The tragic outcome of that night only further compounds that trauma. 

Of course, the loss of any human life is regrettable. However, it is a fundamental principle of our justice system that someone whose life is under imminent threat may use reasonable and proportionate force to defend him or herself. This right is enshrined in the Criminal Code, which provides not only for the defence of life and limb, but also for the defence of private property.

While the ultimate consequences were tragic, the Woods’ acted only to defend and preserve life.

These intentions were also borne out in their actions immediately following the altercation, as they made every effort to provide first aid to the wounded intruder. Their conduct throughout was commendable and deeply honourable.

Michael Edelson
Solomon Friedman

Counsel for the Woods family

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