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PRESS RELEASE - Re Woods family investigation



In the early morning hours of Sunday, September 11, 2011, an intruder broke and entered into the property of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Woods. This triggered the alarm for their security service provider. Mrs. Woods immediately called 911 for police assistance. The intruder confronted the homeowners and an altercation ensued. Fearing for their safety, the residents of the home defended themselves against a violent and unprovoked attack.

During this attack, the life of Nathan Woods was repeatedly at stake as he struggled with the intruder. The intruder was dressed in black and was wearing slash-proof police-style gloves.

In the course of that life and death struggle, the intruder was stabbed. The Woods family immediately attempted to provide first aid to preserve his life. Several minutes later, paramedics and police arrived and took control of the scene.

Following a lengthy and thorough homicide investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police, during which the Woods family members cooperated completely, the investigators have determined that no charges should be laid against Mr. Woods or his family in connection with the events of September 11.

The Criminal Code of Canada protects individuals from prosecution, who act in defence of themselves, their homes or other individuals. The Woods family acted in self-defence to preserve their own lives. They conducted themselves appropriately, lawfully and responsibly.

We would request that the media respect the Woods’ privacy during this difficult and very stressful time.

Michael D. Edelson
Solomon Friedman

Counsel for the Woods family


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