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Ottawa Citizen - Desjourdy gets top criminal lawyer


OTTAWA — The Ottawa police sergeant accused of sexual assault for cutting off the shirt and bra of Stacy Bonds in a now infamous cell block video will be back in court May 19.

Sgt. Steve Desjourdy was not in court as an out-of-town Crown prosecutor provided one of his lawyers with two thick white binders of disclosure collected during the Special Investigations Unit review of Bonds case.

Desjourdy will be defended by Michael Edelson, the prominent criminal lawyer who represented convicted sex killer and former colonel Russell Williams.

For Tuesday's hearing, Desjourdy was represented by Solomon Friedman, from Edelson's firm. It is not uncommon for an accused to have a lawyer appear for them during routine administrative court appearances.

Crown prosecutor Peter Scrutton, from the Crown law office criminal in Toronto presented the disclosure documents. His office handles all cases involving the SIU.

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