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Long gun registry debate misses the point


The failure of Bill C-391, which proposed the scrapping of the federal long gun registry, has drawn renewed interest to a subject which has lain virtually dormant for much of the last decade – gun control. The new Conservative majority government, which has promised to end the registry once and for all, has further enflamed debate on this controversial topic.

It is unfortunate, however, that the discussion has focused exclusively on the long gun registry – its use, cost and effectiveness. In my view, all the involved parties - politicians, policy makers and commentators - are missing the forest for the trees.

Solomon C. Friedman

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Careless Storage of Ammunition


Joe asked:

I have heard that there is an offence of “careless storage of ammunition”. Where is this offence defined in the Criminal Code? What is considered “careless storage” of ammunition?

Solomon Friedman responds...

Solomon C. Friedman

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“Criminal Organization” or Legitimate Gaming Operation: The government blurs the distinction


The following primer was prepared as a result of numerous requests by clients seeking information about the scope and effect of the recently-enacted “serious offence” regulations.

Solomon C. Friedman

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The House Always Wins: An Overview of the Licensing Process for Charitable Gaming Schemes


For Canadian charities, lotteries (including raffles, bingos and break-open tickets) are big business. In 2004, Ontarians spent more than $1.6 billion on charitable gaming ventures alone. Of that money, Ontario charities raised over $240 million. From those figures it is easy to see why lotteries are often a charity’s prime source of fundraising income...

Solomon C. Friedman

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